Our mission is to empower good decision making by clarifying data.

Who We Are

We're researchers, attorneys, and programmers and we know what it’s like to need data. We're like you, we need data that is digestable and clear. And all too often data comes from complex, messy datasets that aren't in a digestable format. So we decided to solve that problem for us and for you.

What We Do

DataToolkit is for professionals who work with complex bodies of data. It's a flexible tool to explore, reshape, and visualize data. For anyone, from business people to data scientists, it's an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require you to learn to program. Our platform delivers insights across huge datasets with speed. We give users the power of familiar interfaces that can interpret tens of millions of datapoints within a single dashboard.

Our Story

DataToolkit was developed by data users for data users. Data is everywhere. Understanding and using it can be difficult though. We were tired of dealing with data that was unmanageable or obscure. We wanted an easy way to make large data sets knowable. We wanted to slice, filter, export and query across any datasets. We also wanted it to be fast. DataToolkit was created to fill those needs.

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